Molecular Warehouse receives Crowdcube’s Industry Innovator of the Year award

It’s our great pleasure to inform that Molecular Warehouse won Crowdcube’s ‘Industry Innovator of the Year’ award.

Thanks to the continued support of our early shareholders, as well as the new Crowdcube investors who put their trust on us last November, we’ve been able to move to dedicated labs, hire key team members on science, electronics, software, and regulatory, and continue developing our technology.

As an early stage and highly innovative startup, the financial support of our shareholders can make a huge difference to ultimately achieving success. But even more important for our team, as we constantly battle to push the boundaries of what’s technically possible, is seeing that a lot of people share our vision and your encouragement to persevere and work hard to realise it.

We were really moved by the many personal mails we received congratulating the team and making tangible the impact that our innovation will have in the world. I wanted to share just one example here:

“Dear Molecular Warehouse Team,

I feel very passionately about the product and what you are trying to achieve due to the health issues faced by my mum and my sisters. I was born and raised in a council estate in East London and so the affordability of the final product is something that I am very keen on. I can instantly see how much it could help my mum and sisters if the product was already on the market.

I genuinely feel very excited and privileged to be involved in something that could have such a positive impact on the lives of millions of people, and I am extremely optimistic about the future of the organisation, which is why I have invested £5,000.

With regards,
Abdul Jamal”

As probably many of our shareholders, Abdul is someone coming from humble origins and who has worked hard and done well for himself, and is now supporting innovative companies trying to make a better world. Knowing we have such incredibly engaged shareholders gives us huge energy to come every day to work and fight to make our vision a reality.

Thanks a lot for your support,

The Molecular Warehouse Team