Feature: Towards cyborg biology – electrochemical biosensors of everything – Human Frontier Science Program

July 6th, 2020

A publication on biosensor research from Prof Alexandrov’s group is featured by Human Frontier Science Program: Towards cyborg biology – electrochemical biosensors of everything

The idea of combining man-made and natural systems has fascinated humans for centuries. However, despite the explosion of life science advances, the integration of electronic and biological systems remains woefully underdeveloped. Our HFSP-funded international team of protein engineers, chemists and electrochemists developed a novel approach for constructing artificial allosteric enzymes capable of producing electric current when activated by different biological inputs such as peptides, small molecules, and biochemical activities (proteolysis). This approach lays the groundwork for the development of systems for multiplexed continuous biochemical monitoring that ultimately will lead to a seamless interface between biological systems and electronic devices.